Poll: Nearly half of the French public back military intervention to restore order

Allah's Willing Executioners

A new poll shows most French people agree with the attitude of retired generals, who in an open letter warned President Emmanuel Macron and the government with a military takeover unless his government could manage to eradicate radical Islamic terrorism and restore security in the country.

Although the government is threatening severe reprisals against the signatories of the open letter, there are signs that most of the French public actually back the generals and nearly half support military intervention to restore order, a finding that undoubtedly will provoke worry inside Macron’s administration.

Two dozen retired French generals, dozens of other officers, and hundreds of private soldierssigned the open letterto the president and government in April. The signatories condemned “the disintegration that plagues the homeland, the hatred between communities fueled by a kind of anti-racism, Islamism and suburban hordes that have forced a part of the country under dogmas…

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