To think of the fact checkers dismay when they spent all this time yelling WATER MARKS ARE A CONSPIRACY THEORY, and now in the ARIZONA AUDIT THEY ARE CHECKING FOR WATER MARKS AND OILS FROM FINGERS AND OTHER INTERESTING THINGS UNDER SPECIAL LIGHTS!!! But, the fact checkers are still denying it.

Oh what a time they have had yelling that all who report the truth are liars that need censored, booted off social media and whatever else they want to do to all of them! Well, the ones who have been reporting the truth based off common sense using a bit of Sherlock Holmes, old fashioned series of deductions and looking for the clues….have had these cattle herders scratching their heads. All they can do is yell liar to the ones who found them out, while simultaneously kicking them off all social media. We have been like ants being…

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