Wikileaks Uncovers MASSIVE Pedo Ring During Obama’s Term – BIDEN/CLINTON FOUNDATION/DEM MAFIA/VATICAN & MORE! By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

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FROMthe get-go, let it be inordinately clear: For years, the diddlers within have been (still are) linked to pedo activities. As such, there is no need to feign otherwise. In fact, as to China/dementia/sleepy/crooked Joe, well, just ask Ashley Biden, his daughter!

REPORT: Diary Of Joe Biden’s Daughter Alleges Years Of Sexual Molestation; “Not Appropriate” Showers With Joe As Child….SAY IT AIN’T SO, JOE!


SO, don’t blame Assange (by the way, a hero in this book) for letting countless cats out of the bag, in a manner of speaking. After all, it ain’t his fault that “Handsy Joe” (and similarly inclined pedos) can’t keep his perversions to himself, regardless of this and that aged-female! Similarly, is it any wonder that Hunter is predatory-inclined, as revealed within a volume of evidentiary trails inside the hotter than hot laptop?? Rhetorical.

EITHER way, youdecide.


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