Project Veritas – LET THE DEPOSITIONS BEGIN: Taking the Fight to AFT

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As Project Veritas gears up to go on offense with defamation litigation against Big Tech and the Mainstream Media, we thought it would be appropriate to remind the public of our past experiences in the legal arena.

Below is a newly produced video from last year showing Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe answering questions and discussing exhibits under oath, after he was deposed by American Federation of Teachers (AFT) attorney Mark Cousens. This occurred after we exposed AFT for covering up a teacher’s allegedly improper conduct.

O’Keefe deposition did not go as planned for the plaintiff:

Michigan’s AFT President, David Hecker, literally admitted under oath that the purpose of their lawsuit against Project Veritas was to “stop” the work that we do.

Here’s some news for you David: Project Veritas will NEVER stop or back down. We will not be…

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