Israel’s Missionary Problem: Its Nexus To Pedophilia – By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

File:PikiWiki Israel 3988 stairs street jerusalem.jpg

A long-held silent and forbidden topic within Israeli/Jewish discourse entails the knock-on effects and ramifications of Missionary work in Israel. Few realize that it is a two-tier danger. 
ON the first level, so-called garden variety Missionaries operate (for the most part) out in the open, outrageously, right under the unsuspecting eyes and ears of a too trusting community. As per the authorities, the onus is much higher. For even though Missionary activities are deemed illegal under Israeli law, since when does illegality stop evildoers who are emboldened by this and that lack of oversight? 
STILL yet, it is the second tier of criminal activity which is the central focus of today’s expose’. This is so because it encompasses what is (rightfully) termed ‘fake Jews’ and its nexus to crimes against children, plus so much more. Though an admittedly uncomfortable topic, it doesn’t justify sweeping it under the rug…

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