Citizen Tom

I missed this one. Why? Well, we have a Democrat governor, a Democrat legislature, and a largely Democrat news media. So, who has time to keep up with all their evil doings? Me? No.

What did I miss? LIS > Bill Tracking > HB2020 > 2021 session ( What does LIS > Bill Tracking > HB2020 > 2021 session ( do?

SUMMARY AS PASSED:(all summaries)

Nomination of candidates for elected offices; restrictions on nomination method selected by political party. Provides that a method of nomination for elected office may not be selected if such method will have the practical effect of excluding participation in the nominating process by qualified voters who are otherwise eligible to participate in the process under the party’s rules but are unable to attend meetings because they are (i) a member of a uniformed service on active duty, (ii) temporarily residing outside of the…

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