The Upside-Down Economics of Subsidized Unemployment

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Back in 2010, I applauded Paul Krugman for acknowledging that government unemployment benefits can encourage joblessness.

And I even cited Krugman in this 2012 debate on the topic.

We’re debating this issue again today, but it’s an even bigger problem because politicians in Washington have added a special bonus payment for people who stay unemployed.

So we’re naturally finding that people are more reluctant to work, which is a rational choice for many of them since they’re getting more money for sitting on their butts.

So if Krugman recognized back in 2009 that regular-sized unemployment benefits lead to more joblessness, he must be even more worried about today’s super-sized unemployment benefits.

But there’s a catch. Krugman made his sensible observations on this issue in a textbook when he was still an academic economist, back when he felt some professional obligation to be rational and pay attention to the academic…

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57 Y.O. NY Man Mocks “Anti-Vaxxers,” Dead 7 Days After J&J JAB. Commie Twitter Says: VAERS.HHS.GOV Is “Inaccurate” – LIARS!

The Mad Jewess

57 Y.O. NY Man Mocks “Anti-Vaxxers,” Dead 7 Days After J&J JAB. Commie Twitter Says VAERS/HHS/GOV Is Shoddy:

People are dying all over or getting very sick from these shots. My husband’s closest friend’s mother just died from the Covid vaccine in NYC. In fact, his whole family got the JAB and they are all sick with COVID now.

This is what is happening:


Communist, lying Twitter (Pharma pet) is working…

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THX JOE-BAMA – Pali Rockets Hit #Jerusalem. #IRAN Swarms US Warships:

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THX JOE-BAMA – Pali Rockets In Jerusalem. IRAN Swarms US Warships:

Anytime the Communist party of America, (The Democrats) are in power, the middle east goes up in smoke, starting with Jimmy Carter’s bogus ‘peace deal’ 40+ years ago add Obama’s 26K rockets/bombs in 2016 alone, Bush’s Iraq quagmire, ETC.Every Prez after Carter, even the GOP just cannot get out of the middleeast: OIL=$$

Jerusalem Under Attack As Rockets Are Fired By Hamas (Actually, Israel has been under attack for weeks.) Why? Because the Arabs (Palis) are emboldened by Democrats: Daily Wire

Palis have been rioting for weeks:I wrote this onApril 24, 2021:#ISRAEL: Arabs, “Palestinians” Are Rioting & Burning In the Streets (Just Like#BLM)

Click to see more.

April 24, 2021 Google search for Hamas rockets Israel. See for yourself.

THEN this happened earlier today, May 10, 2021:

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#ColonialPipeline: Gas Shortages Being Reported. Its Like Jimmy Carter Again

The Mad Jewess

ColonialPipeline: Gas Shortages Being Reported. Its Like Jimmy Carter Again

I was very young when Jimmy Carter was President but I remember the gas rationing, the long lines, syphoning gas and more. This scenario brings me back.

It is being reported that Pensacola is running out of gas as is NC. The North Carolina Governor declared a state of emergency.

May be a black-and-white image of 1 person and text that says 'live the gulf coast. Gas stations are running low/out here. I've read the cyber attack stories Sound off the comments where you are and gas availability and you believe cyber attack blame. Edit: some you actually think trying pass this off as current photo. It's obviously an old photo used to illustrate the subject the post. Please be less weird. FLITE-FU SORRy SIXTY-SIX NO GAS 1.4K 667 Comments 266 Shares'

If you have it in your head that ‘things are going to get better’…. You’re living in a fantasy world.

Let’s hope they get this problem solved…. But, with JoeBAMA omitting God… We are not in God’s ‘good graces’ so to speak.

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Superstar (+Heroic) Senator Behind the Audit REVEALS the Little Details!


The Mad Jewess

Breaking! Arizona ( AZ ) Senator Sonny Borelli talks about the findings in Maricopa Arizona audit. Can the Islam-loving Radical Left hang on any longer?

The AZ audit is bringing the Islam-Left to it’s knees. Is that why they’re scared to death and so they kicked off bombing Jerusalem to get the attention away from the damn truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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With AZ Audit Going On, Pipeline Hacking Is Just TOO “Coincidental”

The Mad Jewess

With AZ Audit Going On, Pipeline Hacking Is Just So “Coincidental”

I don’t put anything past our government. How many coup’s have they foisted on unwilling people in different countries? Then, they executed a coup here and now there is an audit? Just toooo suspicious for me. Of course, the bottom feeding, Commie filth would do something like a hacking on a pipeline.. IN THE SOUTH (affecting the people they hate)….. Makes me wonder… The supposed hackers didn’t want a catastrophe, they just want money. Lol. What a story.

I don’t know… But, I have my suspicions and trust nothing this satanic, devilish, evil, amoral, immoral government can and will do for power.

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April 2021, #Hamas Began Rioting & Rocketing Israel But Expected NO Retaliation:

The Mad Jewess

April 2021, #Hamas Began Rioting & Rocketing Israel But Expected NO Retaliation:

Like I said yesterday and the day before: Same ol story, same ol song and dance.But, of course, it is being reported that Israel is the ‘aggressor’ which is a Communist/Islamic LIE. Sure, we all know the Israeli government sucks and jabbed millions of their people and other horrible things–but in this situation: Retaliation is justified.

April 24, 2021 Reuters

24.04.2021: DW News

See for yourself:April 24, 2021 Google search forHamas rockets Israel.

Yael Eckstein is reporting on this consistently: Her FB page.

This is what is happening now:

Yael Eckstein‘s page onApril 24, 2021:

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Video: “Palestinians” Fake Death, Play Dead For Media.

The Mad Jewess

Video: “Palestinians” Fake Death, Play Dead For Media.


This is Arab/Pali Modus Operandi.

A Tangled Web » Blog Archive » HOORAY FOR PALLYWOOD…

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400 Plus Screenshots Of #CV19 #Vaccine Reactions

The Mad Jewess

400 Plus Screenshots Of #CV19 #Vaccine Reactions

This article is on Facebook. I’m surprised it is still there. Original article can be found here of 400 plus screenshots (473 I believe). Hat Tip: 444 news

Even Yahoo news stated that Coronavirus may trigger a measles resurgence

Why would a lung virus ‘vaccine’ trigger Measles?!

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Posters at Mad Jewess, why’s no one talking about the main problem?

The Mad Jewess

It’s as if Israelis have Charles Mansons Family living down the road a couple of miles away and the “Family” comes and yells from the driveway at you in your home.

But have people actually looked at who the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians (the real only so-called Palestinians are the Jews that lived there 4000 years ago.) truly are?

It seems no one is doing their homework out there in the media: and even Israelis aren’t talking about the real problem.

What is the problem? Well the Muslims are all at least 40% inbred says Wikipedia. (70% in Pakistan. They bankrupted the UK SS system by migrating with their retarded and sick children en masse to the UK from Pakistan. So as to freeload on the medical system there.) Inbreeding leads to depression, suicidal behavior, “water in the brain” sickness, the sickness of “small heads”, Jihad etc…Inbreds are…

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