It’s D-Day in the battle against globalized digital health passports that will mark you for life

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It’s D-Day in the battle against globalized digital health passports that will mark you for life

The worst nightmare for patriots and freedom lovers throughout the world may be about to come true.

The push is on to sneak health passports into America and other Western democracies through back-door channels.

Big corporations and universities are testing the waters to find out how many Americans will accept this latest intrusion as an unavoidable part of life in the “new normal.”


They have baited the trap, promising this will be your ticket to reclaiming your former freedoms. All you have to do is submit to this little app on your phone that informs businesses whether you’ve been vaxxed or not. How many will walk into that trap, surrendering their health privacy and eventually all of their personally identifiable information, remains to be seen.

We have a very short window in which to stand and reject this attempt by big business, in collusion with big government, to impose the most invasive, intrusive and coercive measures ever seen on people of the free world since the conclusion of World War II and the Nuremburg trials.

In the U.S., businesses are imposing the digital passports with the silent blessing of the Biden administration and a majority of the governors from both political parties.

Whether as a digital app on your phone, a bracelet with a scannable QR code [see photo below], or an old-fashioned piece of paper, if these passports become normalized, we will devolve into a “show your papers” society.

The newly developed Immunaband bracelet allows authorities to identify those who have been vaccinated in real time.

I don’t think many Americans, Canadians, Aussies or Europeans want that to happen. But, whether out of ignorance or cowardice, many will concede to it by their silence. The majority will either rise up with a resounding “NO,” putting a stop to this unprecedented intrusion on personal privacy, or they will accept the passports as just the latest inevitability pressed upon them by a pandemic that never seems to go away no matter how many concessions we offer up in terms of our freedoms.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Thus, I’m urging all my readers, fellow bloggers, researchers, citizen journalists, liberty-loving elected leaders and everyone who cares about the continuation of a free Western civilization, to focus over the next several weeks on sounding the alarm about digital health passports.

Below is my recent video podcast where I discuss what is at stake.

While I have written articles and done countless radio and video interviews on this topic, what convinced me that we are now at ground zero in the battle to save America was an alert from Mat Staver, a constitutional attorney and founder of Orlando, Florida-based Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit that provides free legal help to Americans facing persecution based on their religious beliefs.

“Our office is being flooded with calls from people saying they are being forced to get a COVID shot to work or attend school,” Staver said in a release titled Doors Will Close If We Continue Down This Path. “We must not allow America to become a police state. The decision to get a COVID shot must be your free choice.”

That anyone in a so-called free society would be faced with such a choice — get the jab or lose your job — is beyond outrageous.

Even if the vax had gone through the normal five-to-ten year testing period and received full approval by the Food and Drug Administration [FDA], which it has not, such invasive, coercive measures would be unprecedented in America.

Even in the fight against polio and other diseases more devastating than the current pandemic, there was never a mandate to get the vaccine to the extent that one could not perform everyday functions of life like going to work, boarding a plane or bus, entering a restaurant or store. This is where America is heading if we don’t stop this movement dead in its tracks.

Some states, such as New York and Oregon, are moving forward with making people prove they’ve been vaxxed in order to enter certain business venues. Only a handful of states with Republican governors have taken strong stances against the health passports, including Florida, Texas and South Dakota. Of these, Florida’s law is the strongest, banning the passports in any form from being required by any entity, public or private.

Health passports are illegal because they violate the informed consent requirement of the federal Emergency Use Authorization law, under which the injections were allowed to be brought to market. read more

Highly cited COVID doctor comes to stunning conclusion: Gov’t ‘scrubbing unprecedented numbers’ of injection-related deaths

3,544 deaths and 12,619 serious injuries reported between Dec. 14, 2020 and April 23, 2021

One of the world’s most prominent medical doctors with expertise in treating COVID-19 has gone on the record with a scathing rebuke of the U.S. government’s approach to fighting the virus. He says the government’s strategy, carried out in cooperation with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the United Nations World Health Organization, has resulted in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths and is now being followed up with thousands more deaths caused by a mass-injection program.

Dr. Peter McCullough, in a 32-minute interview with journalist Alex Newman, said if this were any other vaccine it would have been pulled from the market by now for safety reasons.

McCullough holds the honor of being the most cited medical doctor on COVID-19 treatments at the National Library of Medicine, with more than 600 citations…

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Nobel Prize winner – ‘In every country the death curve follows the vaccination curve’

Nobel Prize winner – ‘In every country the death curve follows the vaccination curve’
Nobel Prize winner – ‘In every country the death curve follows the vaccination curve’
‘History books will show that it is vaccination that creates the virus variants,’ said Montagnier in an interview with the

Luc Montagnier. Screenshot from YouTube


Nobel Prize winner – ‘In every country the death curve follows the vaccination curve’

The current mass vaccination policy is a grave mistake, says French virologist Luc Montagnier, who in 2008 together with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi was awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the HI virus. Montagnier believes the current vaccine drive is a scientific as well as a medical error.

Published: May 27, 2021, 5:28 am

“History books will show that it is vaccination that creates the virus variants,” said Montagnier in an interview with the RAIR Foundation USA portal.

“There are antibodies created by the vaccine that force the virus to find another solution or to die. Variants are created in the process,” explained the scientist. Epidemiologists are familiar with this phenomenon of “infection-enhancing antibodies” (Antibody-Dependent Enhancement, or ADE for short). But in the case of Corona, they appear to be silent about it.

Some scientists also maintained that ADE is not a problem with Covid-19 vaccines, and the concerns that Montagnier expressed should be rejected. “Even with new variants, it is unlikely that ADE will be a problem,” said Medpage Today in mid-March.

Montagnier’s misgivings were confirmed in an open letter from doctors, scientists and lawyers to the European Medicines Agency however. At the end of February, they reported on the accumulation of Corona outbreaks in nursing homes, shortly after the residents had received their Covid vaccinations.

This was subsequently established in the middle of this month by the French virologist Christine Rouzioux, who noted an increase in new cases in vaccinated patients in nursing homes, among others, in Montpellier, Reims and on the Moselle.

According to Montagnier, the problems with the vaccines are manifesting themselves all over the world. “You see it in every country, it’s the same everywhere: the curve for the vaccinations is followed by the curve for the deaths.” This is also shown by a YouTube video based on data from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. According to this, the death rate in a number of countries – including Austria, Argentina, Belgium and Brazil – increased after the vaccination, sometimes significantly, after having previously declined steadily.

In the interview, Montagnier also blamed the products presented as vaccines for the rising death rate among young people, which he primarily attributes to the increased risk of thrombosis. Last but not least, he refered to figures from the WHO. The curve of new infections exploded along with deaths after vaccinations which started in January.

According to his own statements, the Nobel Prize laureate is currently conducting studies with patients who have contracted the Coronavirus after a vaccination. He said he was quite certain: “I will show you that they create the variants that are resistant to the vaccine.” FREE WEST MEDIA read more

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams Democrat Bill to Destroy Police While Embracing Antifa (Video

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams Democrat Bill to Destroy Police While Embracing Antifa (Video)


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams Democrat Bill to Destroy Police While Embracing Antifa (Video)
“If you don’t fund law enforcement, you’re funding criminals.”

Add Post MTG Condemns ‘Two-Tracked Justice System’; Slams Anti-Police Legislation

RAIRFoundationUSA Published May 26, 2021

  Read more:

“Today, I rose to address the two-track justice system here in America.

“If you are part of the Democrat-sponsored domestic terrorist orgs BLM & Antifa, you can burn down cities & businesses and murder citizens but face no investigation or commission from Congress.

“Meanwhile, if you are a Trump supporter who happened to be at the Capitol on January 6th, exorbitant bail, solitary confinement, abuse by jail guards and no due process.

“This is an outrage.


Renowned doctor reveals government concealing “unprecedented number” of vaccine deaths

Add Post Renowned doctor reveals government concealing “unprecedented number” of vaccine deaths

Image: Renowned doctor reveals government concealing “unprecedented number” of vaccine deaths

(Natural News) A renowned medical doctor revealed that the U.S. government has concealed an “unprecedented number” of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination deaths. Dr. Peter McCullough claimed that authorities barely lifted a finger to investigate the many deaths linked to COVID-19 vaccines. He also slammed the government’s approach to battling the pathogen through immunization.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recorded 3,544 deaths in its Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). It also recorded 12,169 serious injuries related to vaccines. These events occurred between Dec. 14 of last year and April 23 this year. These figures would have merited an investigation by federal health authorities, McCullough told journalist Alex Newman during an interview.

But this would not be the case. According to the doctor, federal authorities took but a glance at the figures and carried on without scrutinizing the data. Under normal circumstances, treatments that cause such a high number of deaths would have been immediately discontinued and pulled off shelves. He elaborated: “A typical new drug at about five … unexplained deaths [could] get a black box warning. [People] would see it on TV, saying it may cause death. And then at about 50 deaths, it’s pulled off the market.” Natural News read more

Democrats destroy everything they touch.


Cry and Howl

There is no doubt about it! Liberals, the left, Democrats destroy everything they touch or control. It’s beyond my comprehension that people, regular people actually vote Democrat. Look at just about any major city in America and anyone can see the filth, degradation, homelessness, crime and poverty increasing on a daily basis. Living in Texas is a blessing over all. Yet, as people move from liberal states and cities to this great state, they’re bringing their loony left-wing ideology with them. I think every large city in Texas is now run by Democrats and they are nothing but a certified sh#t-show like Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. People from all over the country are welcome here, but leave your loony left-wing crap behind.

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Citizen Tom

Xi Jinping
since 15 November 2012

The leader of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party is the highest-ranking official and head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
(from Leader of the Chinese Communist Party – Wikipedia)

The following is an email I sent to my congressman and senators.

Dear Sir,

I must admit I am severely disappointed Joe Biden is president instead of Donald Trump. One reason for that is that Trump recognized that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is our enemy, not just a competitor. The CCP wishes to dominate the entire world, not just China. Hence, these people seek our destruction.  

Consider some examples of what is commonly known.

  • The CCP’s intelligence successes against us include economic espionage to steal our commercial advantages and military espionage to adopt our equipment designs. They have even walked away with millions of personnel records from the Office…

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Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

Abraham Hamilton III setting up a question for Ken Cuccinelli.

Here are a couple of references that describe Memorial Day.

Why do we celebrate Memorial Day. Well, here is a reason.

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service of the United States of America. It’s difficult to prove the origins of this day as over two dozen towns and cities lay claim to be the birthplace. In May 1966, President Lyndon Johnson stepped in and officially declared Waterloo N.Y. the birthplace of Memorial Day. (continued)

History of Memorial Day | All About Memorial Day History (

The origin of the Memorial Day goes back to the American Civil War. This was a time munitions makers were becoming devastatingly…

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Biden Hands the Keys to China —

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

China had – HAS – motive to make sure Trump never got his second term: “China had a motive and the influence to steal the 2020 U.S. presidential elections, a pro-democracy Chinese-American media group asserts.” Read more about a five-part series regarding this here. A Trump second term would have put the final nail in[…]

Biden Hands the Keys to China —

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A Righteous War Against Hamas Terrorism

The NeoConservative Christian Right

I begin with stating what Dem-Marxist Lefties and Resurrected-Christ-hating Muslims abhor: The Arab descendants of the Arab-Muslims who immigrated to then Ottoman controlled lands transformed from uninhabitable land to prosperous land by returning Jews are a fake-people. After the Ottomans lost WWI, the land reverted to British control under name the British Mandate for Palestine. During this Mandatory period, the returning Jews to their Land of Promise were called Palestinians as much as the Arabs residing there. The Arabs in the Jewish Land were not termed “Palestinian” until a combined conspiracy between the then Arab League and the Soviet Union created an umbrella organization of Islamic terrorists after invading Arabs lost two wars with a then new independent Israel. Arabs derived the name Palestinian from the terrorist umbrella group known as the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

A rocket launched from Gaza is intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome system, May 11…

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