Vaccine sceptics: Hong Kong has millions of unused BioNTech vaccine doses

Allah's Willing Executioners

Strict measures to contain the Coronavirus have been imposed in Hong Kong. Since the global spread of the virus began, 11 836 Coronavirus infections and 210 deaths believed to be related to an infection have been reported.

Of the 3,3 millionBioNTechvaccine doses that have been shipped to Hong Kong, only 1,2 million doses have been used so far. Theplanwas to vaccinate 6,5 million people withBioNTechand the Chinese vaccineSinovac. The number of new infections, however, seems to be so insignificant to Hong Kong residents that only 19 percent have been vaccinated so far.

Only 14 percent of the population are fully vaccinated. One positive Coronavirus case is currently reported per day. In addition, the citizens of Hong Kong seem to be particularly skeptical about the vaccination of the Chinese preparation. The two million vaccine doses stored will expire in mid-August.

Hong Kong Vaccination…

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