Americans Suffer a Bio-Terror Attack Mounted by the Chinese

The Last English Prince

I remember the day when I marched into the pathology lab of our hospital and asked to speak to our chief pathologist. The virus had not even received the designated name of COVID 19 yet, but I had followed the news breaking out of Wuhan.

“Is this virus a bio-weapon?” The pathologist turned visibly pale and quickly turned and walked away from me.

Of course, our government is remiss to tell us. They do not want to cause extreme panic by informing us that a bio-weapon has been deliberately released to cause havoc across the globe. And more importantly, to cause hardship for U.S. citizens.

Our “America First” POTUS had steadily placed the screws on the Communist government. It was important, the he not be re-elected. A pandemic, lock downs, free-falling economy and social impact – assured that an American President who had performed strongly, would not be re-elected.

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