WATCH: Anti-Semitic uprising of the Islamist Hizb ut-Tahrir militia in Hamburg, Germany

Allah's Willing Executioners

Once again shameful scenes of hatred against Jews on German streets – watched by the state power!

These are anti-Semitic excesses that we have seen again and again in German cities since Hamas terrorists bombed Israel’s civilian population over many days and Israel retaliated with air strikes. Mostly young Muslims take to the streets in Germany and demand the destruction of the Jews and their state.

The latest crime scene: Hamburg. There, dozens of Islamists gathered on Friday for a march of the haters in the St. Georg district, not far from the main railway station. A pro-Palestinian demonstration was announced. In fact only a pretence!

The police report reads plainly: around 200 demonstrators were peacefully protesting against Germany and Israel on Steindamm. The chants were mainly in German, but also in Arabic. There were no criminal charges. According to the police, “about 30 officers” were on the scene.


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