What Has Happened To US?

The Lone Cactus

A fan at an NBA basketball game throws popcorn at an injured player heading to the locker room. The player responds by trying to go after the fan. His trainers and coaches restrain him from going into the stands (shades of Ron Artess, er…Meta World Peace). At another NBA game, a fan throws a beer bottle at a player. Former NBA great and current commentator, Charles Barkley claims that the NBA should allow players to go into the stands to deal with unruly fans.

A woman on a Southwest Airlines flight is upset because she took off her seat belt and the flight attendant told her to put it back on. The woman brutally beat the flight attendant until she could be restrained. The flight attendant suffered two broken teeth and a bloodied face. The woman has been arrested, and is banned from ever flying Southwest again.

Throughout last summer…

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The Missing Part of the 1619 Project (Video)

Add Post The Missing Part of the 1619 Project

Jun 4, 2021

Political Islam

The New York Times has published a racist history of the U.S. based on critical race theory. It holds that the Revolutionary War was fought to preserve slavery. Slavery made the U.S. wealthy. The U.S. original sin was racism. Our culture is built on racism and it is an unchangeable part of our society. The 1619 Project is based on CRT, cultural Marxist critical race theory – only white racism matters and it is systemic in the U.S. It maintains that all blacks are victims (still slaves) and all white people are privileged oppressors (still masters). So there must be monetary and socialized atonement. This theory denigrates the black person as one who is unable to take responsibility for themselves and make their own success. The 1619 Project is a racist document. What is completely missing from the 1619 Project is the fact that the entire African slave business was run by Muslims and each slave was the result of jihad. ————————————————————— If you’d like to know more about Islam and slavery, read The Doctrine of Slavery – An Islamic Institution https://www.politicalislam.com/produc…



We said this from the first moment it happened. But, the evil fake news and liar Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell paid cabal puppets lied and bore false witness! We all knew the reason they went to the underground bunkers is because they had paid thugs to bomb the Capitol but those weapons of destruction had been intercepted – but the evil coup plotters did not know this. Their evil plans were foiled and laid bare for all to see who had eyes to see and ears to hear the truth that they saw with their own eyes on the day this transpired!

But it is well to hear that now FAKE NEWS CABAL can no longer lie against the truth!

The Question is…why did it take so long to look at the truth instead of the fake narrative? Especially when during the time of its’ importance there were hundreds, if not…

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As you know, The Marshall Report has been under a hack… I didn’t misspell it…that is my name for attack. A hack attack…and my great IT man Nik explained it…but I will spare the details. The good news is he has been putting a new domain together for the past two weeks… and God is watching over us for he started this in motion a week before we had any sign of attacks (except the occassional trolls).

The new site will be called “Dianne Marshall Report”. It will be diannemarshallreport.com when it is ready. I am told all of the subscribers will be transferred over and most everything will operate the same way, it will have a new look and a table of contents to access different reports. So that is something people were wanting and it will have that.

Sample page of articles to…

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We’re enterin end days, folks Bad things happenin. Israel going down, AZ audit goin nationwide, zombies bein vaxxed…Rally the troops. Reveal Antichrist world. Buddhists/Christians! Time 4 us to Ally…Now!

The Mad Jewess

Pauli’s locked up the Antichrist in a jar and put a slow fire under it like a frog. It’s getting to boiling-point and exploding in the jar. The AZ audit has gone through the roof and is spreading exponentially to a second Senate audit of the AZ election and in Georgia, it’s audit coming down the pipes, whereas PA sent legislative delegation that’s in AZ today to see the audit for themselves and learn so as to do the same in PA shortly. AZ’s on fire and Obama’s Obots are running wild. Watch out about the comments section because Pauli and her husband are getting flack which one must know comes in part from the Obama bots trying to protect their god and savior Obama aka Satan. All the Obama bots worldwide will congregate to AZ now in the next few days, so hold onto your hats, this is going…

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Hostile Communist Takeover Of Food Production


The Mad Jewess

Hostile Communist Takeover Of Food Production

A rose by any other name is still called a rose. Communism by any other name is still called Communism.

Impossible meat” & “Beyond Meat”, the nuts who make ‘plant’ meat are radical ‘revolutionary’ Communists. “Beyond Meat” wants to make meat obsolete.

In this special Ice Age Farmer broadcast, Christian is joined by Dr. Frédéric Leroy, a professor in the field of food science & biotechnology at Vrije Universiteit, to detail what can only be described as an attempted hostile takeover of all human food production.

This is a long video but what the ‘powers-that-be’ are doing has taken time to execute.

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“All Vaccinated People Will Die Within 2 Years.” – Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier confirmed that there is no chance of survival for people who have received any form of the vaccine. 

The Mad Jewess

Luc Montagnier has confirmed that there is no chance of survival for people who have received any form of the vaccine. 

In the shocking interview, the world’s leading virologist stated bluntly:

“There is no hope and no possible treatment for those who have already been vaccinated. We must be prepared to cremate the bodies.”

The scientific genius backed up the claims of other eminent virologists after studying the ingredients of the vaccine.

“They will all die from antibody-dependent enhancement. That is all that can be said.” Video link here or below. 16.0k

I looked into this video first off to even see who he was…that test passed. He’s not really anyone special. Just discovered the human immunodeficiency virus also known as HIV.

Montagnier argued that the Coronavirus disease 2019 266 was man-made in a laboratory and that it might have been the result of an attempt to create a vaccine…

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Bad “Omen?” Pair Of Bald Eagles Kill 54 Sheep In Idaho

The Mad Jewess

Bad “Omen?” Pack Of Bald Eagles Kill 54 Sheep In Idaho

I will make this brief and not too ‘preachy’,

Bald Eagle | San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Most religious people know that followers of God are referred to as ‘sheep’. The Bald Eagle in the USA is known as our national bird. However, it is still a bird of prey. The criminals in our government right now operate under seals of our national bird. They would be the eagles right now. Because they are free to do whatever they so choose and (corporately) we are just the sheep. We are NOT the Eagles we are supposed to be. We have ceased being sheep of God, forsaken our eagle spirit and are now sheep of big government.

Because we (corporately) have decided to be sheep, these Eagles will attack and they do. “I”, personally am only a sheep to God, not government. God willing, I will bow…

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The Rebellion Continues! A Mom Tells OFF Commie School Board In NY

The Mad Jewess

The Rebellion Continues! Mom Tells OFF Commie School Board In NY

She let this school board have it and THEN SOME! This rebellion needs to keep picking up speed. Tell your local officials OFF! Go the the school boards, the courts, town hall meetings, where-ever!


MORE Rebellion here: Laura Loomer Crashes Jack Dorsey’s Speech at Bitcoin Conference, Blasts Him For Election Meddling

My testimony: Jury Duty Today: I Was Dismissed Before ANY Other Juror. Starting A Rebellion!

My friend posted this video above on a forum we both chat on.

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Building a World to Satisfy Young Dumb People

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

June 4th 2021

Adam Carolla started out as a stand up comedian at the age of thirty.

He assures us that what we see today is but the tip of the iceberg, that we are are constantly being bombarded by a leftist media who’s goal in life is to get us to think as they do, based on their feelings with little to no data to back them up.

He had never bought into political correctness and explains to us that the TV media is constantly shifting to new demographics with whom to matter.

Now the hot demographic is the 14 year-olds.

Iceberg floating in the fj

What does a 14 year old know about anything

Cheerful two girls making selfie in snow background.

Not much more than they have been brain washed to say by their teachers and the media.

Want a well balanced kid?

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