We’re enterin end days, folks Bad things happenin. Israel going down, AZ audit goin nationwide, zombies bein vaxxed…Rally the troops. Reveal Antichrist world. Buddhists/Christians! Time 4 us to Ally…Now!

The Mad Jewess

Pauli’s locked up the Antichrist in a jar and put a slow fire under it like a frog. It’s getting to boiling-point and exploding in the jar. The AZ audit has gone through the roof and is spreading exponentially to a second Senate audit of the AZ election and in Georgia, it’s audit coming down the pipes, whereas PA sent legislative delegation that’s in AZ today to see the audit for themselves and learn so as to do the same in PA shortly. AZ’s on fire and Obama’s Obots are running wild. Watch out about the comments section because Pauli and her husband are getting flack which one must know comes in part from the Obama bots trying to protect their god and savior Obama aka Satan. All the Obama bots worldwide will congregate to AZ now in the next few days, so hold onto your hats, this is going…

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