Report: New Government to Immediately Resume Talks with Palestinian Authority; Meanwhile, Abbas Pays $42,000 to Family of Terrorist Who Killed 2 Israelis – BENNETT-LAPID-ABBAS REGIME; FOXES IN THE HEN HOUSE! By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

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[LISTEN UP: the following strategic assessment from Im Tirzu sums up what takes place when the leadership is controlled by the actions/threats of terrorists outside Israel’s borders. So, the very fact that the Islamic Party in Israel, fronted by Abbas, is now a “king-maker’ INSIDE the new government, well…..] 

IT is beyond disquieting to continue to beat, over and over again, the loudest drums possible, that is, re (what will prove to be) the foregone knock-on effects of the most dangerous government in Israel’s modern history.

SO much so, said euphemistically-called “change (bloc) government” will make the murderous period of the Oslo Accords, as well as its aftermath, “The Bitter Fruits of the Gaza Disengagement“, appear like a Disneyland (national) experience. No exaggeration.

AS such, it became imperative for this American-Israeli (living in the eye of the Islamic storm) writer to reveal…

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