Barrack is Back (Biden in trouble)?

H/T Arlin Report

Trump:The American Years

CNN had to bring on Obama to help them gaslight the public and fight for Joe. Headline:

Former president warned in CNN interview ‘the path towards an undemocratic America’ will come ‘in a series of steps’

We know and that’s why the public is pushing back against CRT and indoctrination in our schools. We know the left accuses the other side of what THEY are doing. We know that the media is gaslighting the public when it claims Joe Manchin is “blocking federal voting rights protections”. HR1 is not about voting rights protections. It’s about federalizing elections so control ends up in DC away from the states and making fraud easier at the local level.Manchin understands that and it’s why he’s willing to take the heat. Yes, Obama was our first black President as the Guardian article felt necessary to point out.Biden isn’t black. He’s as white as they…

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