President Trump Releases a Firebrand Statement About Russia and the Corrupt U.S. Intelligence Community

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

From inside the White House or from the daily news, most of which is fake by design, former President Donald J. Trump will continue to drive the leftists in our country and those who support them, crazy.

June 10, 2021

Wow… and GO TRUMP!

In a blistering statement released today President Trump notes the following question: who do you “trust”?

“Russia” or the “Obama-era intelligence sleezebags”…. “the answer should be obvious”.

The three actual biggest threats to our nation: 1. The U.S. Intelligence Community 2. Big Tech ideological oligarchs 3. The U.S. Media In that order.

While the fake news continues to blame Republicans for storming the House of Representatives, no clear evidence is available that itwasn’t actually Democrats.

Apparently, no one found it important enough to get the facts before running with the story.

1st Amendment, Big Government, Big Stupid Government

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