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The Himalayas from Google Maps

Imagine Having Communist China For A Next-door Neighbor

Occasionally I visit Insightful Geopolitics – Impartial Informative Always. Like the writer, SANDOMINA, I am a former military officer. Unlike the writer, I live in America, on the other side of the world. So, I can relate. Then again, I cannot. I can only imagine.

India and China border each other. Fortunately, these two nations are separated by the world’s most massive mountain range, the legendary Himalayas. Still, India and China have had military clashes with each other. Because of its ideological beliefs, Communist China has trouble getting along with all of its neighbors. India, because it is a nation of human beings, is, of course, somewhat difficult too.

What is SANDOMINA‘s latest post? 04 June 1989: The Date CCP Wants to Forget – Insightful Geopolitics. In 1989 China had huge demonstrations in…

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