Harris Is Shining Example Of The Peter Principle

The Lone Cactus

So K-baby Harris has returned from her trip to Central America, where she was going to set the Guatemalans and the Mexicans, and anyone else that she could cajole into listening to her cackle that she had the cure for the onslaught of illegal aliens invading our country. Her words were true and to the point.

Don’t come.

That ought to do it! Shoot, why didn’t Bobo Obama, and George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump all think about that? We wouldn’t have had to have all of those lawsuits over whether or not to build the wall! All we had to do was utter two words, and shake our heads when we said it. “Don’t come.”

In case you missed it, most people, including Democrats who were with Harris on her first major assignment as Vice President all concluded the same thing…she blew the trip. Harris was…

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