Trans Female BMX Athlete Representing the US Threatens to Burn American Flag on Podium if She Wins at Olympics This Summer – DARE YOU…. Adina Kutnicki

Throw the trans female thing (whatever it is) off the team!

Adina Kutnicki

WHAT is really surprising is that well-meaning, live and let live folks are shocked ! shocked ! by a burning anti-American hatred that afflicts countless within the radical left trans community. For heaven’s sake, it is as if those who are afflicted with a mental health disorder, gender dysphoria, are expected to be rational thinkers!

MORE specifically, the trans community exhibits a visceral hatred towards America’s traditional underpinnings that are based upon Judeo-Christian values — of which the flag is its most visible symbol. Sheesh. Perversely, it makes sense that the radical left in general and those who identify as trans in particular despise “Old Glory!”

BUT what would be beyond the pale is the following: if this he-she, whatever, wins and dares to burn the American flag — and is still allowed to keep a national medal — well, hell should have…

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