India Could Sentence WHO Chief Scientist To Death For Misleading Over Ivermectin & Killing Indian People

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India Could Sentence WHO Chief Scientist To Death For Misleading Over Ivermectin & Killing Indian People

There is a lawsuit enclosed is in this link in PDF form.

You know, everyone who refused to take this vaccine warned the people around them about it. But, those victims of the vaccine were running to get the killer shot like chickens without heads. The people who received the injection trust in government over God. And, it’s just going to get worse. It will be a test for all of us. But, those who know their God, our Elohim & his son, Jesus, READ the bible and trust in his word will make it out of this alive and go to live in eternity with the Lord, forever and ever, Amen.

geirsmith1 posted this for us. Thank…

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MUST C, Gen. Mark Milley. A #WhiteRage Woman Screaming

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MUST C, Gen. Mark Milley #WhiteRage Woman Screaming

The Communist General Mark Milley wants to know about ‘white rage’. Well, General…Here it is. I hope you learn something, SIR.

This is what ‘white rage’ is really all about.

Here ends the lesson.

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#Netflix Homosexual Cartoon, “#QForce” Is How “Gays” Act All The Time

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Netflix Homosexual Cartoon, “#QForce” Is How “Gays” Act All The Time

I hear the militant homosexual poopers do not like this coming cartoon on Netflix, which will be playing in September. They say that ‘not all gays act like this‘. Rubbish. Yeah they do. I was in Theater in the 80’s-90’s.. The fairies acted this way and then some. When in Theater, they were all around me–everywhere. They did filthy, disgusting things, stole makeup, costumes, nagged, whined and b’tched about anything and everything. Almost all of my theatrical constituents were homosexual. In fact, they are probably 1000 times worse now, considering the ‘uncloseted’ are totally militant, ‘in ya face’ and nasty as ever.

Although I have met more than a few patriotic fruits that are totally nice, for the most part, ‘gays’ are nasty b’tches.

I have a great idea how we can fix this…..

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InandOuthome Closet Door, Bi-fold, Louver Louver Plantation White (24x80)

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BREAKING: Judge Dismisses Fulton County from Election Audit Case, Plaintiff Claims ‘Victory’ in Lawsuit

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Comment by Jim Campbell

June 25th, 2021

“Superior Court Judge Brian Amero’s ruling jeopardizes the prospects for the ballot inspection to continue, though a plaintiff in the lawsuit said he believes it will soon move forward,” the report added.

The case brought by Garland Favorito hinges on ‘discovery’ to determine if Fulton County election workers, the defendants in the case, scanned absentee ballots multiple times through tabulators, as appeared to be the case with State Farm Arena’s CCTV video surveillance from election night.

June 25th, 2021

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

byKyle Becker

June 24th, 2020

“An attorney for the Fulton elections board said the ruling prevents the possibility for an in-person review of absentee ballots using high-powered microscopes in the Georgia World Congress Center, as sought by those who believe fraud resulted in Democrat Joe Biden’s 12,000-vote win over Republican Donald Trump

“That litigation is finished,”…

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Republican State Legislatures Are Winning Their War On American Democracy

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Comment by Jim Campbell

June 25th, 2021

2021 is on pace to be the worst year for U.S. voter suppression laws since 2011, and activists are worried that Democrats aren’t responding aggressively enough.

June 25, 2021

That’saccording to a survey by Rasmussen Reports.

Although the audit has been widely criticized in the media, 55% of likely U.S. voters say they support forensic audits of election results to ensure there was no vote fraud.

About 29% said they oppose such audits and 17% are unsure.

As for how many voters do not believe Joe Biden won the election fairly: that number comes in at 41% in the survey by Rasmussen Reports.

In the end, Joe Biden won Arizona by just 11,000 votes.

He won Maricopa County, Arizona by 45,000 votes, a much larger margin than the statewide count.

Donald Trump supporters have raised doubts about the outcome there and in…

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