You DO Have Freedom Of Speech

The Lone Cactus

Or at least that’s what the Supreme Court ruled last week. The high court heard the case of a Pennsylvania High School cheerleader who used vulgar language to criticize her school on social media. The school, once they learned about the incident kicked her off the cheerleading squad, so she sued, saying that she wasn’t on school grounds, and the school had no right to go after her.

Apparently the High Court agreed. They voted in favor of her ability to trash the school away from the school by an 8-1 vote.

Frankly, I can’t believe that a school district would have the audacity to want to kick someone who was speaking critically about them off of the cheerleading squad. That sounds very authoritarian and rather czaristic if you ask me. We DO have a freedom of speech in this country. Now, we all get it that it doesn’t extend…

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