It’s Just The First Punch

The Lone Cactus

Earlier this past week, the Republicans used the dreaded filibuster to end the Democrats’ hopes of insuring a Democrat Congress and Presidency long into the future. They tried it with something called “For The People Act”, better known as H1 and S1.

It wasn’t the first time it’s been tried.

Fresh off an election that had a lot of people screaming that the entire national election was thrown because of fraudulent voting and ballot stuffing in five states, Democrats seemed to want no part of that in the future. Well, no part of being accused. So, they put together H1, which basically increased rather than decreased the ability and possibility of fraudulent voting across the country. It would do that by increasing mail-in voting, where there is no way of absolutely knowing who voted, how many times they voted or if the ballots were actually real or reproduced.

And the…

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