Despite More Gold Paper Price Smashes, Central Banks Are Buying More Large Orders of Gold!

Janet Yellen back in focus after Trump reshapes markets | Financial Times

President Trump has his eagle eyes on the world monetary system and is observing the manipulation efforts of the world fiat dollar and all the Gold selling? Are they playing into his hand? The Central Banks have bought 164 Tons of Gold from January 1, 2021 through the end of April 2021. To top it off in Lockstep, at the recent G-7 there was a push for all nations to pay in Gold and build gold reserves. Even Russia has taken a stance to buy more gold along with most all world leaders. None of the central banks indicated any plans to shrink its gold reserves in the coming year. So, what is taking place? What is on the horizon?

CENTRAL Banks condemn Bitcoin and crypto currency, yet they seek to launch their own digital…

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