The Latest College Lunacy: Correct English Grammar Is ‘Racist’

Jim Campbell's

CommentBy Jim Campbell

June 28th, 2021

The big hot topic being taught at leftist universities, with socialist, Marxist professors must be abolished for school curricula.

They start children as young as the can around K-9-K-12

It’s simply another form of brainwashing with the intent on continuing the racial divide in America.

Walter E. Williams / @WE_Williams / September 11, 2019

“Not holding students accountable to proper grammar does a disservice to those students who overall show poor writing abilities,” writes Walter Williams. (Photo: izusek/Getty Images)

Walter E. Williams@WE_Williams

Walter E. Williams, Ph.D., a columnist for The Daily Signal, was a professor of economics at George Mason University until his death Dec. 2, 2020.

Just when we thought colleges could not spout loonier ideas, we have a new one from American University.

They hired a professor to teach other professors to grade students based on their “labor” rather…

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