Joe Biden met with Hunter’s Mexican billionaire associates in the VP office in 2014, flew with his son to Mexico City on AIR FORCE 2 to help his drug addict, pedophilia son, Hunter, with ‘flippin gigantic’ deal — ‘This shiznit is global, cabron.’ — Adara Press

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Hunter arranged a video conference with Slim in October – and it appears Joe Biden may have been involved in a second meeting or call.
‘The meeting will be on Friday in Mexico City if you can do a video conference in,’ Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca partner Eric Schwerin, wrote on October 5 2015.
A White House assistant responsible for the vice president’s diary, Kathy Chung, then emailed Hunter two days later with a list of dates from October 21 to November 6. Hunter replied: ‘Can we confirm 10/30 for Slim.’
‘Yes,’ Chung responded…
In February 2016, Hunter wrote an email to Magnani revealing that in the midst of their Mexican oil deal, his father was flying him and his business partner on Air Force 2 to Mexico City, where he and Cooper would be sitting in on a meeting with the country’s president.
P.S. ‘president’ Joe, Grifter and Carnival Barker…

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