Smart Use Of Taxpayer Money?

The Lone Cactus

I have for a very long time had a lot of fun dealing with the idiocy that comes out of California. I mean, it’s so easy, right? The land of fruit and nuts is bountiful in a lot of things, and stupid laws and wasteful taxation are just two of those things.

Now, San Francisco, that wonderful bastion of liberalism that shows the rest of the country what happens when you elect foolish liberal-socialist snowflakes to lead you, is taking it even further. They are going to spend $20 million over the next year, to operate what they call “Safe Sleeping Zones” around the city. They would obtain some 260 tents at a cost of $18.2 million (which is roughly $61,000 a year). and spread those tents out so they were at least six feet apart (still keeping the COVID rules in place).

By the way, the average rent of…

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