Let’s Look at Beijing Biden’s CCP…

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Communist/Socialist Genocide in General

By John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© July 7, 2021

While I was surfing the various Social Media platforms I belong to, I came across an interesting post on the platform Slug.com on the Group President Donald J. Trump… Latest.

The post was presented by a person who has chosen the moniker kultured_yobbo (KY). The first line of his post initially annoyed me because it smacked of pro-Communist China tidings:

I just posted the following on Facebook to honour the centennial of the CCP.”

On a President Trump group of all places. So I read on in preparation for a verbal battle royal.

It turns out KY was actually lambasting the CCP anniversary as one of history’s worst genocidal regimes in modern times. Worse than Hitler’s 12-Million (half of which were JewsR.J. Rummel calculates a Nazi genocide closer to 20-Million

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