Reuters: Not A Fun Summer For Biden!

The Lone Cactus

Joe Biden may not be saying anything publicly yet…but he’s not off to a good start this summer. Reuters released a monthly poll showing that Democrats, not Republicans or Independents are leaving the Biden train at a rapid rate. And the reason is simple. Biden has left behind those that got him elected.

In a time when businesses can’t find enough people to fill the jobs that are out there, Biden is facing some major employment problems. The May number of unemployment was 9.1% for blacks. It was 5.1% for whites. If you have a college degree, you’re probably employed (if you want to be). Unemployment for college degreed folks was 3.2%, while if you have just a high school education it’s 6.8%. And that’s at a time when businesses can’t find enough workers to keep their doors open!

The economy has replaced COVID as the number one problem in…

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The Deadly Bureaucracy

Defining the Narrative

For at least a century now, the United States has been the leading superpower; both economically and militarily. Since the Spanish American War, the USA has maintained a strong military presence, with few exceptions, in every theater of war we have fought.

Fall of Saigon 40th anniversary
By Radhika Chalasani
April 30, 2015 / 10:44 AM / CBS NEWS
South Vietnamese Marines leap in panic aboard a cutter from an LST in Danang Harbor in Da Nang, Vietnam, April 1, 1975 as they are evacuated from the city, shortly before its fall to the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese…

We occupied the Philippines since 1898, until 1991, and a short few years later were asked to return in light of perceived ChiCom threats in the South China Sea. We still have a major military presence in South Korea, along with Japan (Okinawa) and Germany, where there have been no active…

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Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

How did The Thirty Years’ War begin? It began when some men threw other men out of windows.
Defenestrations of Prague – Wikipedia

Defenestration? What does that mean? Well, here is the pertinent definition.

Definition ofdefenestration

1:a throwing of a person or thing out of a window

//assassination bydefenestration

Defenestration | Definition of Defenestration by Merriam-Webster

Amazingly, sometimes people survive execution or assassination by defenestration. More often than not, defenestration is lethal. Because defenestration is so violent, however, when Protestants defenestrated high Catholic officials, that did upset some people. So, that act is often pointed to the beginning of The Thirty Years’ War

What was The Thirty Years’ War? It was a period of intense warfare starting in 1618 that began over the religious conflicts between Protestants and the Roman Catholic Church. The Thirty Years’ War was not even a single war, and it was not the…

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We Are IN It. Judgments & Wrath Are Poured Out Now But MOST Can’t SEE It:

The Mad Jewess

We are IN it.

God's Judgment Part 2: Fear, Glory, and the IJ - Come And Reason Ministries

How many have now died because of the Covid 19 kill shots? Last week: 2,000 in 1 week alone in the US making the number over 7500 plus over 600 dead babies in the womb.

We’ll never know the REAL number of those dead by the Corona but the number is well over 100,000 plus in the US alone.

Birds are dropping out of the sky everywhere.
Earthquakes all over the US, now…maybe small but they are happening.
Grasshoppers have invaded the west, billions of them,
Flesh eating parasites are in this nation now.
9 billion different forms of sea life were killed when 117 degree heat hit WA state and Oregon.
Calif is on fire and so is a lot of the south west.
The south and midwest is under water, all flooded.
NYC was flooded, under 2-3 feet of water.
The crops in Nebraska…

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Disqus’ De-Platforming of Frontpage

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

July 13th, 2021

The Left’s fascistic purges continue.

We have entered the beginning of a new era in which nothing that the traditional media including Fox News can be trusted.

Our minders have determined what we should see or hear must be screened first by them.

Can you trust this page?

Only if you trust my sources.

There are times when I use bogus sources to keep you on your toes and add additional levity.


July 13th, 2021

The relentless de-platforming of conservatives in general and of the David Horowitz Freedom Center specifically, continues.

On March 3rd the Editors at FrontPage received an email from Disqus, the networked community platform used by hundreds of thousands of sites all over the web. 

The statement reads:

It has come to our attention that your site is included in the Hate Groups listed on the Southern Poverty…

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Why We Need More Government Regulation

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

July 13th, 2021

John Stossel, an American Libertarian would never say something so ignorant.

The video below is so great because it shows the entrepreneurial spirit is alive andwell as our Four Fathers intended it be be by inventing it marketing it and never asking if it was O.K.

The federal government as we all know exists to tax and spend, pump us full of nonsense like the “Rich don’t pay their fair share and other hyperbolous nonsense the press and leftist politicos will always agree.

The answer is simple elect members to congress who will promise to slash taxes and cut most government waste which in thee words means “Most of It.”

Sunset laws and regulations as the politicians who put them into law.

This would bring an entirely new meaning to creating term limits.

They are little more than piglets sucking off the…

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Biden’s Cuba Crisis

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

July 13th, 2021

Has the reader noticed that whenever the U.S. government is involved in a mess of their own creating it has to be a crisis?

As a taxpayer I vote no, as a humanitarian for the people of Cuba send them the food.

We would be far better off with our missiles there than those of our future or current stealth enemies.

This newspaper map from the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis shows the distances from Cuba of various cities on the North American Continent.


Alayna TreeneSarah Mucha

July 13th, 2021

President Biden is seen speaking about Cuba during a meeting focused on gun violence.

President Biden discusses Cuba before a meeting Monday focused on gun violence. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

White House efforts to avoid dealing with the Cuba issue have blown up [Would we have expected anything less?] amid protests on the island, congressional backlash and political pressure from the South Florida…

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