The Death of Western Civilization Runs Through America: Ben Stein’s Eulogy To The USA – “Goodbye America” … Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

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HONEST brokers, regardless of party affiliation, will have to admit: the American Republic has long been dead and buried. On the other hand, millions upon millions of patriots still cling to its founding principles — and therein lies its possible (emphasis placed) re-constitution. 

IN reality, ever since Woodrow Wilson, an elitist and a progressive socialist ascended to the helm, the essence of America has been snuffed out; creep by creep.

INDEED, under Wilson’s stewardship, his administration created the Federal Reserve System, the Federal Income Tax and the FTC, among other governmental monstrosities. Naturally, each money-sucking behemoth was presented as “necessary” for the “good and welfare” of the (unwashed) masses. Of course, the same song and dance has been playing out for decades on end, that is, until “The Donald” burst onto the scene. Is it any wonder that he is so hated and so…

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