Texas Democrats Show What Hypocrisy Is All About

The Lone Cactus

I haven’t said much about the Texas House Democrats, who in an effort to protest out of control tactics in government, pulled one of the biggest out of control tactics you can have in government. Part of the reason was, I wanted to see how it would play out. I wanted to see how Texans would react to their lawmakers fleeing the Lone Star State in droves, on a private jet to go to Washington, DC on the Texas taxpayers’ dime.

It’s been an abject failure by all accounts.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the story, the Texas State Senate passed a new Voting Rights Bill that would basically limit mail-in ballots, and, as 17 other states have already done, add more scrutiny to the electoral process in the state. Democrats, fearing that they couldn’t stuff the ballot box, called it “Jim Crow 2.0” saying that it would be tougher…

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