You Know It’s Getting Bad When…

The Lone Cactus

First of all, you know it’s getting pretty bad when you go on a friendly TV Cable News Network (that would be CNN) for a townhall meeting, and end up telling jokes that even the moderators and the anchors cringe at. That’s not a good start. But it gets worse.

It really, REALLY gets bad when you come out and promote a certain way to reopen schools this fall, and you happen to use a radical leftist guide as your basis for everything. When you get called on it, it gets worse. You have to actually come out and admit to the world that you made a mistake…you never should have used that particular guide because it’s racist and full of hate.

That’s what happened to Joe Biden this past week.

Normally, when Biden does stuff like go on a CNN townhall and then screws up by going off-script, his…

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