What things do I need a valid identification card make a purchase when my race card won’t work?

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

July 31, 2021.

Candy? No.

Chewing gum? No.

Coca Cola? No

Kleenex? No.

Texas State legislators testified before a House Oversight and Reform subcommittee about their state’s proposed election laws.

Witnesses responded to questions related to voter ID requirements, polling hours and locations, the potential impact of the law on minorities and voters of color, early voting, and voting access for those with disabilities.

Take the nutritional supplement at your own risk as it has not been approved by the FDA.

Democrat legislators from Texas have been in Washington, DC since July to prevent the state’s legislature from having a quorum preventing the passage of any new laws.

Grilled So Well! BAM BAM BAM – ! Texas State Rep. Senfronia Thompson who ran to DC questioned on voter ID.

Do you need an ID…?


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