The COLD, HARD Truth Of Where The Covid Vaxx Nazi Bastards Are Taking Us ALL:

The Mad Jewess

The COLD, HARD Truth Of Where The Covid Vaxx Nazi Bastards Are Taking Us ALL


May be an image of text that says 'no one can buy or sell who does not have the mark that is, the name ofthe beast or the number of Its name Revelation DAYS FAITH 2018 OF BIBLEGUIDE'

Here is the cold, hard truth:

The WHOLE world is going to come to a place (shortly) where you will not be allowed to buy, sell OR work without getting the vaccine and soon, the ‘mark’ (which is already here). The mark is only a SYMPTOM by the way. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

Your family members & friends who REFUSE to get this vaxx and mark will be persecuted, dumped on, their lives will stop short. They will go homeless, many may even have their homes taken. But, fore sure–many will be tormented and murdered. THIS IS THE FACTS. Its in the bible.

The bible ACCURATELY has predicted everything we are going thru from earthquakes to famine to plague. The…

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Fake Science Politics and the Andromeda Strain

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

August 1st 2021

Does any one recall a syndrome or disease that required a full on advertising program?

We can thank the leftists in Congress and the media for attempting to make us believe that we are facing an end of the world scenario.

LOS ANGELES – MAY 27: Author Michael Crichton attending “American Booksellers Association Convention” on May 27, 1994 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

TheAndromedaStrainis a 1969 techno-thriller novel by Michael Crichton , his first novel under his own name and hissixth novel overall.

It is written as a report documenting the efforts of a team of scientists investigating the outbreak of a deadly extraterrestrial microorganism in Arizona.

For those not familiar with Michael Crichton, M.D., he wrote the body of his work…

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Joining the French Foreign Legion

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

The French Foreign Legion is made up of some of thetoughest warriors on the planet.

Can they be compared to our U.S. Navy SEALS. Airborne Rangers, or Delta Force?

How good is the French Foreign Legion compared to the British SAS, SEAL Team 6 or Delta Force?

Eric SofJanuary 12, 2021

French Foreign Legionnaires in Afghanistan

French Foreign Legionnaires in Afghanistan (Photo: Wiki)

First of all, the French Foreign Legion is not a Special Operations Force. Yes, they are some of the toughest men on the planet, which for some spend their life training and in operation fighting all over the world and are recognized among warriors for it. Still not a special force.


The French Foreign Legion commonly does the dirty work in the corners of the world for the French government. Many died in Indochina, North Africa, and elsewhere. Today, they still deploy to dangerous…

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Why It’s So Difficult to Win a War in Afghanistan

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 1st, 2021

The United States War Planners would do well to look at attempted past wars and note their results before they enter any wars where losses were the norm.

Two which immediately come to mind are Vietnam and our efforts in the sand and in Africa.

All politicians who send our men and women into future wars will be part of the first landing crafts if it’s a ground war.

They will stay there for no less than six months to get a taste of it.

If it’s an air war they will jump before the U.S. Marines, the Airborne Rangers and the U.S. Navy SEALS

Operation Overlord: U.S. soldiers watch the Normandy coast from a Landing Craft Vehicle, Personnel ( LCVP ) heading towards Omaha Beach Easy Red sector.

6th June 1944. Several vehicles are already present and white smoke can be seen…

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Don’t Believe It: They Don’t Believe it

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

Most Recovered COVID-19 Patients Have Broad, Robust Immunity That Likely Provides Some Protection Against Variants:

Most people who have recovered from COVID-19, even with mild illness, retain a broad and durable immunity to the disease, including some degree of protection against its variants, according to an Emory University study published in the journal, Cell Reports Medicine.

WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 20: U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) speaks during a news conference in her office at Longworth House Office Building with a poster of director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci in the foreground, on Capitol Hill July 20, 2021 in Washington, DC. Taylor Greene discussed Twitter’s 12-hour-long suspension of her account after two of her tweets were tagged as “misleading.” (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The longitudinal study, the most comprehensive of its kind to date, involved 254 COVID-19…

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Kamala Harris Ratings Have Fallen to the Lowest Since Records Have been Kept

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

This apparently unmedicated woman is either bipolar or is completely crazy.

Anyone who has taken the time to look at her less than stellar accomplishments, since she was District Attorney for the state of California.

She was given the task of closing down the border by the Biden cabal, the closest she got to broken border was 800 miles from it?

She sent letters to San Francisco public school parents each year, threatening them with citations for truancy, and sponsored a 2010 law to make it a misdemeanor for parents whose children miss 10 percent of school a year without a good excuse.

The punishment: a $2,000 fine, jail or both.

Harris also opposed a state initiative to soften minimum mandatory sentences — even though the criminal justice reform plan she rolled out while running for president called for their end.

One of Harris’ worst scandals…

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Democrats are shocked: Support for Jan. 6 hearings drops after police testify

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 1st, 2021

Listen to President Trump take the pencil neck apart.

Let’s not forget that job number one for all members of the House of Representatives is to get reelected.

The Democrats will have a tough road to hoe particularly those that Nancy Pelosi believes she controls.

The U.S.S. Biden as it begins to slip beneath the waves

They will be jumping the ship like the rats that they are.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune

By Joseph Ragonese

Aug 1, 2021

Democrats are shocked, Jan 6

(Getty Images, Juan Camacho)

FLORIDA — Support for the Congressional investigation of the Jan 6 Capitol breach dropped significantly this week. Democrats are shocked at the results.

This precipitous drop in support happened after four police officers, whom fought rioters during the melee, testified at a House committee hearing on Tuesday.

Democrats were stunned at polling revelations documenting the drop.

And they are…

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Israel to Start Covid Booster Shots on Sunday; Pfizer Ups 2021 Revenue Expectation From $26B to $33.5B – ISRAEL’S CONTROL FREAK LEADERS COMPLY! WHY IS THAT? Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

[Published at]

WHEN an increasingly out of control leadership ignores a growing body of scientific evidence against the dangers associated with administering what is widely known as an experimental mRNA based covid vax, why in heaven’s name would they charge forward, full speed ahead, with a booster?? Why, indeed. 

NOT only that, as an American-Israeli (living in Israel), the above (and below) is hardly a light-handed assertion to make. Not at all. Regardless, in furtherance of said highly serious claim(s), let the following stand as fully substantive proofs in support thereof. Don’t shoot the messenger!

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‘WARNING: BILL GATES CONFRONTED ABOUT WIDESPREAD VACCINE SIDE EFFECTS: At Least 80% of Trial Subjects Reportedly Suffering Side Effects (VIDEOS)’ – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

{UPDATE — READ AS AN ADJUNCT TO TODAY’S COMMENTARY: To stifle the truth-telling found at this site, FB’s censors have “zeroed-out” all of my articles via their “Boom and Ban” censors ala their ubiquitous “Community Standards” — as they hunt me up and down the internet like rabid dogs to their prey. No kidding. Today is no exception.

This is just some of FB’s modus operandi, what is now deemed their “love notes” to yours truly:

This URL goes against our Community Standards on spam:

In fact, just yesterday, each article at my “parent site”, ADINA KUTNICKI: A ZIONIST & CONSERVATIVE BLOG, had its FB registered shares go from the hundreds, with some up to the many thousands, to a big, fat…

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