Democrats are shocked: Support for Jan. 6 hearings drops after police testify

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 1st, 2021

Listen to President Trump take the pencil neck apart.

Let’s not forget that job number one for all members of the House of Representatives is to get reelected.

The Democrats will have a tough road to hoe particularly those that Nancy Pelosi believes she controls.

The U.S.S. Biden as it begins to slip beneath the waves

They will be jumping the ship like the rats that they are.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune

By Joseph Ragonese

Aug 1, 2021

Democrats are shocked, Jan 6

(Getty Images, Juan Camacho)

FLORIDA — Support for the Congressional investigation of the Jan 6 Capitol breach dropped significantly this week. Democrats are shocked at the results.

This precipitous drop in support happened after four police officers, whom fought rioters during the melee, testified at a House committee hearing on Tuesday.

Democrats were stunned at polling revelations documenting the drop.

And they are…

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