Israel to Start Covid Booster Shots on Sunday; Pfizer Ups 2021 Revenue Expectation From $26B to $33.5B – ISRAEL’S CONTROL FREAK LEADERS COMPLY! WHY IS THAT? Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

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WHEN an increasingly out of control leadership ignores a growing body of scientific evidence against the dangers associated with administering what is widely known as an experimental mRNA based covid vax, why in heaven’s name would they charge forward, full speed ahead, with a booster?? Why, indeed. 

NOT only that, as an American-Israeli (living in Israel), the above (and below) is hardly a light-handed assertion to make. Not at all. Regardless, in furtherance of said highly serious claim(s), let the following stand as fully substantive proofs in support thereof. Don’t shoot the messenger!

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