John Lennon’s Imagine: The Communist Version

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

August 4th, 2021

Coming from a socialist country, it’s not much of a leap to consider that when John Lennon wrote the original song, he had this in mind.

Apparently John Lennon was more on the mystical side when he wrote this song.

Getting involved with Yoko, who had no musical ability at all, only took him further down the slope to the Dakota Hotel.


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1 thought on “John Lennon’s Imagine: The Communist Version

  1. Imagine the great reset song. I understood this wicked dreamer utopia song when it came out but most thought it was wonderful and they probally are most of the jabbed now. It only needs a brain to look at implication of each line if all fulfilled even if a few lines like no more war is wonderful. Its a package deal of all or nothing and i take nothing in this case.


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