The Harris Problem

The Lone Cactus

Joe Biden has several problems. He’s not a very good communicator. He lies and mixes up truth and fiction on a daily basis, and his communications team has to work overtime to try and spin it in such a way that the media, and the American people won’t laugh their heads off. He hasn’t been able to barely scratch his long list of campaign promises. He has caused the most recent surge at the southern border with his campaign rhetoric, and he has no plan for how to deal with it. His “cure” for COVID has been an utter catastrophe, to the point where the CDC is ready to say we need to wear masks again, and social distance, even IF you’ve been fully vaccinated.

Oh. And his Vice President is actually worse than he is.

K-baby Harris has a ton of problems of her own. First of all, she…

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YOU Get To Pay For It!

The Lone Cactus

Imagine if you will, that you are going in to a bank to rob it. Now, I know that the people that read this blog would probably never in a million years decide to go through with that, but just play along for a minute. You go into a bank, you are wearing a mask, and you have a gun. You walk up to a teller, hand her a note that says, “Put all of your money in a bag, don’t pull the alarm, and I won’t shoot you.” As you’re walking out of the bank, an on-duty cop shows up and puts you on the ground, handcuffs you and arrests you.

Question: How fair do you think it would be for the bank to have to pay your legal costs when you go to trial?

Answer: I thought so. But yet, that is EXACTLY what Joe Biden is planning…

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Where Is The IOC?

The Lone Cactus

Back on January 14th of this year, the International Olympic Committee instituted a new policy that they hoped would quell the problem of protesting against countries. They announced on that date that any Olympian that protested political, religious, or ethnic situations through any sort of demonstration would be banned from further competition. Actually, when you take into account what the Olympics is supposed to be, this isn’t a bad ruling.

My only question is, where is the IOC when it came to Megan Rapinoe and her friend kneeling during the national anthem during their soccer matches? That most certainly is a protest. Yet, they were allowed to play and nothing has happened to them.

And it got me wondering, just how many athletes from around the world are protesting their own country? I haven’t been watching much of the Olympics, so I can’t say I’m anywhere of an authority here…

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Are We Masking the Real Problem?

Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

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Why is mask-wearing for American citizens such a huge issue when illegals are crossing our southern border in droves and are neither vaccinated nor disease-free? They aren’t quarantined, either. Why, then, make our kids wear masks at school? If Delta is such a problem, shouldn’t we be most concerned about illegals bringing in COVID and other variants while being allowed to find asylum among US citizens without any restrictions?

Our government also claims that every citizen must be vaccinated—or at least that’s the push. But why? Some who have been vaccinated are becoming infected with the Delta variant, and others have been infected with the original COVID strain even after being immunized. It appears that the COVID vaccines are about as effective as the flu vaccine that varies annually and never hits the nail squarely on the head.

It appears there is a double…

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Documented Science, Paul-Science & Lying Science

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© August 4, 2021

I’ve come across four videos that are actual science based. Two have documentation and two with Senator Rand Paul – WHO IS A MEDICAL DOCTOR as well – refuting the LIAR Anthony Fauci who utilizes a warped science to line his pockets with greed.

My fellow Americans STOP being brainwashed with lies and Globalist/Dem-Marxist controlling despotism.

The first video is from Epoch TV. Unfortunately, Epoch TV does not have an embed for their videos (or at least I have not discovered their embed code). So I uploaded to my UGETube channel. I will use the UGETube embed but the Epoch TV description.

The second video is some Alex Jones info based on acquired Globalist documentation. Jones in the past has been for me a bluster of tainted info. Yet these days – especially with documents in hand – has elevated himself…

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Mystery Surrounds Latest Police Suicides Linked to January 6: Four Officers Now Dead: Suicides or Murder?

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 4th, 2021

Were these suicides or murders?

It would not at all be surprising if another agency wasn’t called in to hasten their demise.

It seems to me that these officers had seen to much over their years of service to let something like the hearing into attempted breach of the U.S. House of Representatives, bring them down.

If those responsible for getting to the truth decide to get it, they will if they don’t they won’t and we will be left with more conspiracy theories.

Group of people, crime scene investigation, police and forensics doing their jobs, there is a dead body of a police officer found in the forest (Ceasel Lobe, Getty Images)

This could be a case of they knew too much and others involved wanted to make sure they remained silent.

Officer Kyle DeFreytag helped enforce the curfew put in place after the riots on January 6th.
Bensing-Thomas Funeral Home

Breitbart News Consortium

Penny Starr

August 4th…

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How soon will the end of the world be coming to an end?

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

April 4th, 2021

Will everyone at least in the United Stated still by bickering about useless political positions be so busy locking horns they won’t even know?

The word politics implies that politicians will be involved, we have some great ones on the who we shall call designated keepers.

Two mature politicians (one male, one female) engage in a heated debate which turns into a conflict and then escalates into a full-blown boxing match, of course the guy in the back started it.

My monies on the woman in round third round with a dazzling shot to the jaw.

Watson is so concerned about what is going on in the world and our that time may be running out that I personally believe he could have the big one before it ends.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – OCTOBER 14: He Queen Enoying A Cup Of Tea During A…

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