Where Is The IOC?

The Lone Cactus

Back on January 14th of this year, the International Olympic Committee instituted a new policy that they hoped would quell the problem of protesting against countries. They announced on that date that any Olympian that protested political, religious, or ethnic situations through any sort of demonstration would be banned from further competition. Actually, when you take into account what the Olympics is supposed to be, this isn’t a bad ruling.

My only question is, where is the IOC when it came to Megan Rapinoe and her friend kneeling during the national anthem during their soccer matches? That most certainly is a protest. Yet, they were allowed to play and nothing has happened to them.

And it got me wondering, just how many athletes from around the world are protesting their own country? I haven’t been watching much of the Olympics, so I can’t say I’m anywhere of an authority here…

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