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If I’ve learned anything watching Democrats facing scandals, it’s this. There is a marked progression in the steps that are taken before the accused is booted out the door. First, the party rallies around the person. They laud them with compliments. They say they don’t believe the accuser for whatever reason. They say that they’ve known the person for decades and they’ve always told the truth. In light of the fiasco Democrats caused over the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, they now have added that they should have an investigation (hoping that buys them time. The media all comes out in support of their comrade and say there is no way this person would do such a dastardly thing.

Then the tide slowly starts to turn.

Oh, it doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, after the initial bombshell of the scandal itself, there is a period of calm. The accused may even…

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CDC admits that “fully vaccinated” Americans are super-spreaders carrying deadly variants and high viral loads

Via Pandemic News


CDC admits that “fully vaccinated” Americans are super-spreaders carrying deadly variants and high viral loads

It is official: The biggest public health threat right now are “fully vaccinated” people, whom the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now warns are super-spreaders polluting society with Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “variants.”

Nothing the CDC did this past year helped bring the “case” count down, nor did the agency save any lives. To the contrary, by pushing face masks and Fauci Flu shots, the CDC took people’s lives, all the while depriving the public of information about how to support their immune systems naturally.

We tried to tell everyone and were ridiculed repeatedly. To give him credit, so did former President Donald Trump, who early on revealed that existing off-patent medications like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) would have done the job without the need for medical fascism and injections.

Unfortunately, Trump decided to go all-in with the deep state by proudly taking ownership of “Operation Warp Speed.” Since that time, the former president has been aggressively promoting his vaccine, calling himself the “father” of the Chinese Virus injection.

We know some of our readers do not like to hear this, but Trump has declared it with his own lips, which makes him no better than Tony Fauci, Rochelle Walensky, or any of the other medical fascists telling us all that we need to get injected in order to buy, sell, and keep a job.

The government is murdering Americans with its anti-science policies

As for the people who have gotten the jab, expert Geert vanden Bossche has issued a “final warning” about how the government’s vaccination program must stop immediately to avoid the unleashing of an “incurable, deadly, unstoppable wave of disease.”  Pandemic News read more

WSJ: Killing #Zionists #Israel, Most Vaxxed In The World- 50% Of Sick With Delta Are VACCINATED

The Mad Jewess

WSJ: Killing #Zionists – WSJ: #Israel, Most Vaxxed In The World, 50% Of Sick With Delta Are VACCINATED

USA, sospesa infermiera 'no vax' per un post social ...

I see the Jew-hating, Communist, Globalist filth made SURE to vaccinate the Israeli’s with the kill shot more than any other country.What are the long term effects? How many will survive this paralyzing shot? How will Israel be able to fight off enemies with the IDF inoculated???

I guess Zionists aint your problem anymore, Jew-haters.

TEL AVIV—About half of adults infected in an outbreak of the Delta variant of Covid-19 in Israel were fully inoculated with the Pfizer Inc. vaccine, prompting the government to reimpose an indoor mask requirement and other measures to contain the highly transmissible strain. @ WSJ

Read this synopsis also: In Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world, HALF of all new “delta” infections are occurring in “fully vaccinated” people

BTW: CDC admits…

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Un-Vaxxed Are The New Jews & The Vaxxed Are The Neo Nazis

The Mad Jewess

Anti-Vaxxed Are The New Jews And Vaxxed Are The Neo Nazis

That is what the vaxxed ARE becoming. I totally believe that a large percentage of the vaxxed fascists would love to see us all locked up, even killed. I wont get the vaxx. I know too much about it: PERSONAL STORIES – 1000 COVID Stories.

I haven’t gotten a flu shot OR any type of vaccine since I was 4 years old. I don’t plan to get one now. Not now and not ever. Nope. NO Russian Roulette player here but I sure know MANY duped, brainwashed dopes, INCLUDING family members who didn’t just walk to get the vaccine, they RAN to get jabbed. A vaccine that was made in a few hours. One member of the family got Covid right after the 2nd shot.

All over the media, they are basically saying: “THE UNVAXXED ARE A…

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NAZI Gov’t Shuts Down Cell Service To Unvaccinated In Pakistan

The Mad Jewess

NAZI Gov’t Shuts Down Cell Service for Unvaccinated In Pakistan

This is what the Neo Nazi’s are doing to Pakistani’s. Either get that vaxx or we shut off everything. This is the NWO. This is the NEW NAZI Globalist psychopaths.

The whole world will blame the UnVaxxed for everything in their lives. Just you watch. It’s like blackmail. All of this is in the book of Revelation and it is happening FAST.The book of Revelation plainly states that you must have the ‘mark’ of the beast. The vaxxine is the beginning of the mark. The ‘mark’ is only a SYMPTOM.

Be prepared for major persecution. I’ve always been dumped on and persecuted as a Jew, onlinefor the most part. So, go ahead you filthy Nazi pigs.

Lord, please prepare me for this upcoming slaughterhouse.

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Fascist #Twitter Suspends NYT Science Writer Over Science Tweet

The Mad Jewess

Fascist #Twitter Suspends NYT Science Writer Over Science Tweet

This is the type of America that the radical, Communist Left has brought us to. A place where there is NO discussion on anything going against big pharma.

Now, a former New York Times science reporter, Alex Berenson: Censoring Science To Push The NWO: Twitter Suspends Science Writer After He Posts Results Of Pfizer Clinical Test

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4 DC Police Officers Who Warded Off The US Capitol Protest Have Been Assassinated


The Mad Jewess

4 Police Officers Who Warded Off The US Capitol Protest Have Been Assassinated

This story is everywhere right now but nobody has the damned GUTS to say they were assassinated. Which they were. By the genocidal, kill-shot, “Suicider”, Commie-Crat party.

* BREAKING: FOURTH DC Metro Police Officer Who Responded to January 6 Capitol Protest Dies by Suicide


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EVIL Bolshevik, Merrick Garland Threatens Prison Time For Organizers Of ‘Election Forensic Audits’

The Mad Jewess

EVIL Bolshevik, Merrick Garland Threatens Prison Time For Organizers Of ‘Election Forensic Audits’

An election integrity voting AUDIT is scaring the Commies? Whatever for?

If the Commie-Crats are SO sure they ‘won’, why the threat of Prison time? Because they did NOT win. They stole the seat by Coup De ‘tat.

I don’teven respect Trump. Sorry guys. I left him in May 2017 when he REFUSED to get rid of the Communists & War-mongers. But, he did NOT lose the election. Joe-BAMA didn’t campaign one bit. Not ONE bit.

On YT, it shows you how bad he REALLY lost: 43K Thumbs Down & Only 9K Thumbs Up On YOUTUBE for Joe-BAMA’s inauguration…

HAT TIP:Trump issues statement on ‘Election Fraud Numbers’…

This OVER the top:Read the full document…

Like it or not:

Joe McCarthy vindicated.?! - AR15.COM

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HUGE, NATIONAL STRIKE In #France Against Covid Fascist “Rules”


The Mad Jewess

HUGE, NATIONAL PROTEST In France Against Covid Fascist “Rules”

France is the most guttsiest place now. The rest of us are wussy cowards.We should be giving all governments the great reset they deserve, back to normal, back to free speech, back to freedom, back to medical autonomy, this is the only “Build Back Better” message we want to hear.

Vive La Resistance.

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Think your vote has ever counted?

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 5th, 2021

If you happen to live in a county where the registrar of voters is a democrat it’s highly unlikely.

In fact, if you believe the elections aren’t rigged, you likely believe in Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairyand the Easter Bunny.

Clearly you have never grappled with the concept that Joe Biden wasn’t elected in the biggest fraud in United States Election History.

Here’s one from the archives, circa 2018


by: Wes Woods II, Erin Myers, Ellina Abovian

Posted: Jun 5, 2018

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A printing error resulted in more than 118,000 names missing from Los Angeles County voter rolls during Tuesday’s primary election, according to the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk.

The registrar’s…

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