Dan Bongino explains why Fox censored Donald Trump’s interview on his show

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 10th, 2021

It’s likely safe to say that Dan Bongino’s credibility follows party lines.

If you trust him, you are not likelya lefty, if you don’t trust him you likely are.

In the video below, he explains why the break in the interview happened in such a simple way, even democrats should have been able to understand it.

Remember the roll of the registrar of voters. They have the final decision which votes are counted.

Of course in Blue states that would make it appear that the Democrats have the advantage.

This means every Republican must turn out to vote, as typically the left doesn’t turn out in large numbers during mid term elections.[Source]

As is the case, they all began screaming fire when there was nothing there.

Why? Because they have nothing to offer and see a serious ass kicking coming in…

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