EXTRA! Cuomo Resigns!

The Lone Cactus

You HAD to know this was coming, right? I mean, how many women need to come forward and accuse you of sexual misconduct, groping, or outright rape? How many nursing home deaths can be laid at your feet and still have you keep your job? Andrew Cuomo resigned as Governor of New York today. It wasn’t a surprise…in fact, it was long overdue.

When it became clear that after Attorney General, Letitia James’ report was damning to the Governor’s continued presence, it was just a matter of time before Cuomo would vacate the Governor’s mansion, either by choice or by force. He took the “honorable” way out and committed hari-kari.

It’s not like we all didn’t know this was going to happen, right? I mean, you DID know he was out as Governor, one way or another after James damning investigation slammed him, right? When the President of the United…

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