Why do you suppose they are hiding him there?

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 14th, 2021

Camp David is heavily guarded and a place where the press can’t get to him minimizing if not killing any chances of his verbal blunders.

In reality, Biden could accomplish as much from Camp David or the White House.

He is essentially never contacted on issues of import, so it will be the war fighters left to clean up this fiasco while their leaders, the guys with the stars and gold braid receive their daily reports from the front lines.

He is being accompanied by his wife, “Dr. Jill,” who must find her time with him entertaining from a “What’s he going to do next standpoint,to the boredom associated with constantly being tied down to a reincarnated member of the “Gratetful Dead,” rock group of the sixties.

They had a small group of followers in which only the most strident…

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