The Pelosi Gambit

The Lone Cactus

Nancy Pelosi is in a world of hurt today. The Speaker of the House, who loves to pontificate how she controls everything going on in Washington, at least in Congress, is not in control apparently. She is at the whim of about 14 people. And all of them are Democrats.

At issue is the prospect of the Senate passed bi-partisan infrastructure bill, which came in at about $1.2 Trillion, failing if the federal budget isn’t passed first. The only problem Pelosi has is that she has about three votes as a margin to pass the infrastructure bill. She would prefer to hold on to that bill and pass it along with the much larger $3.5 Trillion additional bill that gives Democrats all the candy they couldn’t do in a bi-partisan attempt.

And there’s the rub.

Pelosi has received a letter last week from nine of her very own party members…

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