If authoritarians taught self help

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 17th 2021

Legal scholars and political theorists interested in constitutionalism as a normative concept tend to dichotomize the subject.

It’s interesting that Harvard’s logo has the wore VERITAS emblazoned upon it.

Costs to attend Harvard University:

If the student doesn’t finish law school and pass the bar exam he/she will be among the hundreds of thousands of college students to work in restaurants, flip hamburgers, be ticket takers at movie theaters, our work in a shop in the thousands across America.

It’s not my intention to belittle the above jobs, but come on, we are talking about the Harvard graduate here.

(Getty Images Massachusetts: The Harvard University seal.

Interestingly, as expected “The truth is on the short side of its Ivy Covered Walls.

It didn’t get the name of “Little Moscow on the Hudson without good reason.”

There is liberal constitutionalism of the sort…

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