SCOTUS: Gun Control Showdown Set: Anticipated that most anti-gun legislation will be stripped from the books at the federal level

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 17th 2021

I’m happy about this for an additional reason.

Both Elana Kagan and Sonya Sotomayor both testified before the Senate Judiciary that Keller was case law and they would not vote against the 2nd Amendment.

Both lied and voted for all anti-gun legislation put before them once they were confirmed.

Let’s see how they vote when the decision is finally handed down in October.

Fortunately for the pro gun side, Trump is no longer president because his mere presence in the White House as President seemed to pluck Roberts last nerve.

Though Chief Justice Roberts rulings seem at time to come out of left field if he goes against the majority on this one it will be noted and used for further ammunition to impeach him.

A significant gun control case is on the High Court docket, with both sides hoping for a…

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