the most experienced foreign policy genius we were promised…… a total screw head, (trying to leave vulgarity out): arlin report thought(s) of the day

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Foreign policy genius Joe Biden has done everything he can to reverse Trump policy, decisions…….etc., etc. You’ve seen it……..Biden made a mess of the Southern Border, OPENED TRUMP’S CLOSED BORDER AND HALTED THE COMPLETION OF THE WALL. Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan plan (which was really no plan at all) certainly was not going to follow the blueprint (guide lines) left by the Trump Administration. Trump’s plan was an AMERICA FIRST PLAN. Biden is more interested in getting refugees into the U.S. (you know, we love Biden future Democratic voters) than Americans. Trump was going to get American citizens out of Afghanistan first, followed by all (or at least the new equipment still useful) our military equipment. But no, Biden left the gift of Black Hawk Helicopters (new ones), weapons and other equipment and who knows what intelligence. Intelligence? No such thing in this administration. Trump was going to blow-up the…

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