Citizen Tom

I fear I have not written much about Afghanistan, but I have no special expertise on the subject. So, it is no great loss. I just reached the conclusion we ought to stick it out, THE “QUAGMIRE” IS PART OF THAT STRUGGLE WE CALL LIFE. However, even the guy I voted for wanted out. So, I figured he would eventually figure out how to do it without leaving a mess. That was always the problem. Afghanistan is a quaqmire for armies. It is difficult to get out without great losses.

Our current president, Joe Biden, seems determined to prove Afghanistan is a quaqmire. That’s his excuse for not having any discernable exit strategy. Effectively, he wants us to believe he botched it because nothing else was possible. Biden, of course, is just doing what he always does, lying. The size of the lie — the fact the…

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