It’s All Biden’s Fault

The Lone Cactus

With the fall of Kabul, Afghanistan, and the Vietnam era departure of Americans from the embassy there as proof that we’ve failed miserably, you have to find someone to take the blame. That’s a pretty easy putt.

The blame lies squarely at the feet of one Joseph Robinette Biden.

As he did with the southern border, Biden totally screwed up this foreign policy catastrophe when he announced the date that America would be leaving. You can tell this guy never spent a minute in any strategy session regarding war or war-planning. Nor did he listen to anyone with more than a penny’s worth of brains at the Pentagon. I can’t imagine one General in that building that would have gone along with Biden’s lame-brain idea to pre-announce our leaving. It just isn’t done, and when you do it, this is exactly what happens.

It’s an absolute slap in the face…

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