New Rules for Fools

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 19th 2021

Taliban Declares Girls Above 15 To be “Gifted To Fighters As Wives”

When Mohammad received his delusions from the burning bush he allowed for grown men to have sex with baby girls following their 3rd birthday.

Imagine, I had an image of a cartoon with a little circa three-year-old being pushed down the street by Mohammad.

Of course,it was stripped from the internet, so please use your imagination.

As the Quran was being revealed, the Prophet Muhammad made special arrangements to ensure that it was written down.

Although the Prophet Muhammad himself could neither read nor write, he dictated the verses orally and instructed scribes to mark down the revelation on whatever materials were available: tree branches, stones, leather, and bones.

The scribes would then read their writing back to the Prophet, who would check it for mistakes.

So why…

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