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RNC Looking For 2024 Candidate

The Lone Cactus

The Republican National Committee is currently looking for a good man (or woman) to be their next presidential candidate. Qualifications? None really, except you should be conservative, you should be decisive, popular, able to sway people into your way of thinking. Basically they are looking for Donald Trump.

Oh…they would prefer it if you didn’t have a Twitter account.

It’s become public that the RNC would love to see a Donald Trump-like candidate in 2024, but without all of the stuff that made Trump so damn unpresidential. If you could combine the politics of Trump with say the deportment of someone like a Ronald Reagan, you’d probably have the perfect Republican candidate. I guess if you were on the RNC search committee right now, and were looking for someone to run in 2024, that’s about as close a guess as to the ideal candidate as you could get.

It got…

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Telegraph UK Destroys the US Media for Enabling Biden, While Biden Whines About Suddenly “Hawkish” Media – RedState

H/T Arlin Report

Truth2Freedom's Blog

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

It would be a huge laughfest, if it wasn’t so tragic. British journalist and author Douglas Murray calls out the legacy media for aiding and abetting the installation of this feckless failure of aU.S. president:

The world appears to have woken up to an important truth this week: which is that JoeBidenis a truly terriblepresident. It is a shame that it took America gifting Afghanistan back to the Taliban for so many people to realise this.

To be charitable, there were perhaps two reasons why this had not become more obvious before. The first is that JoeBidenis not Donald Trump and for a lot of the planet that seems to be recommendation enough to occupy the Oval Office. A break from the Trump show appealed to an awful lot of people.

But the second reason why too few realised…

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Judge Jeanine slams Biden for ‘fumbling’ Afghanistan withdrawal

H/T Arlin Report

Cleveland Foxers

Peanutbrain Jimmuh has been the king of military Middle East Blunders, but now has been usurped by JoeJoe The Talking Chicken Bidet! In fact, JoeJoe is the god of Military Middle East Blunders, making peanutbrain look like a genius! And that is not good for the USA.

This jackal, as God calls him, has beat the cake with his biggest blunders while chomping down ice cream cones and getting his butt wiped.

In May 2008, I worked at a radio station event where we had a guest speaker making a public appearance. This guest speaker, Retired Israeli Military General Shimon Erem, ripped on Former President Jimmy Carter being the WORST PRESIDENT EVER that the USA ever had in history. President Carter’s military intelligence blunders left the USA vulnerable to terrorist attacks from Muslims in many areas. Muslims took money from oil profits to fund terrorist groups worldwide, spreading networks…

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It’s on, The Truckers are going to shut down Australia & New Zealand

The Mad Jewess

It’s on, The Truckers are going to shut down Australia & New Zealand

Australia, NZ & France are the testing grounds for the Communist Globalist filth. Its not about Covid. Its about getting that jab. What’s in the jab that these sob’s want you to have it so bad for? The ‘powers that be’ really want humans to get this jab.

GOOD LUCK Truckies in AU and NZ!!

This ‘vaccine’, (metal thing whatever) makes me…

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Democrats Are CREATING A Massive Health Care Crisis W/ These STUPID Vax Mandates

The Mad Jewess

Democrats Are CREATING A Massive Health Care Crisis W/ These STUPID Vax Mandates

Thoughts today from The Mad Jewess:

My friend told me last week that if she does not get the kill shot, she will no longer have a job. She works in Healthcare in California. Her expertise is in diet. She also shared with me that 450 plus Nurses will not be getting the death jab where she is employed.

The Communist/Democrat, Gavin Newsom has drafted this mandate. Which is not a LAW. I advised my friend to not leave but to continue to stay and do her job. She is probably not going to leave unless ushered out.

The California Democrats have CREATED the upcoming crisis if this mandate is enforced. People will die. There will not be enough Nurses or Doctors and other workers to take care…

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Rock & A Hard Place: Remove #Biden & OBAMA Will STILL Be There.

The Mad Jewess

Rock & A Hard Place: Remove #Biden & OBAMA Will STILL Be There.

Obama Throws America Under The Bus Calling Her "EVIL ...

Obama is the one driving this nation off the cliff. Everyone is saying “Remove Biden”. The problem will NOT go away. Get it? Because it is NOT Biden busy screwing up the world. It’s OBAMA & Co. Add: Holder, Hillary & Jarrett.(Shadow Govt)Revelation 17: 1-4 “The Whore Of Babylon” Clothed In Purple &Scarlet…

Obama is not going anywhere. He hasn’t since 2009. He was only held back and restrained when Trump was in power. He and Holder are the ones who orchestrated the whole 2020 voter fraud: Every State W/ Major #VoterFraud, Obama & Holder Call “Target” States On their Website: “All On TheLine”

Until we throw Obama and his cohorts out of this nation, he will continue to screw up this COUNTRY and the rest of the world.

Afghanistan is only more of…

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Finally a serious report from a serious journalist who isn’t afraid to go against the lies from the White House

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

August 22, 2021

Joe Biden is quickly proving that he is not only a threat to the safety of Americans, but he is also a threat to people throughout the world.

According to a bombshell report, Biden refused to listen to the advice of his top military officials and decided to move ahead with the disastrous US pullout in Afghanistan.

***Judge Jeanine’s*** report below is the best yet.

Biden allegedly overruled his generals who advised that he should keep 2,500 servicemen on the ground in Afghanistan to help with negotiations between Afghanistan and the Taliban.

Instead, Biden decided to conduct a complete withdraw which led to a quick Taliban takeover who now control many US assets including weaponry, helicopters and other vehicles.[Source]

It’s a shame Jake Tapper ended up with CNN the ultimate fake news agency.

Under Obama he he was the correspondent and…

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As Biden Continues Obama’s Plan to Close Gitmo, Hundreds of Former Detainees Have Returned to Terrorism and are Killing Americans Again – THE TALIBAN FIVE + KNOCK-ON EFFECTS! Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

[Published at]


MANY moons agoback in 2014 — mid-point to the Islamist-in-Chief’s second-term, rife with one wrecking ball after another —  a particular crisis emerged, that is, in relation to the empowering of GITMO-housed Islamic barbarians, jihadis, in cooperation with their red/communist, anti-American aligned collaborators. Book-length worthy.

AS such, event after event was engineered to ensure that the 9/11/01 battle-hardened jihadis would not only be freed, but become enriched! Stone-cold cash beneficiaries. Indeed, how many recall the payoffs and more?

INCONTESTABLY, the purposeful ignition of domestic and foreign fires resulted in America being held hostage by an anti-American cabal within the People’s House. Meanwhile, countless Americans remained clueless, as to the manufactured false flags. Blind as bats.

MOST significantly, HUSSEIN Obama’s traitorous team understood exactly to whose benefit the (domestic and foreign) wildfires accrued. No ifs, ands, or buts.

STILL yet, for the Doubting…

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